Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Catching Up

Tuesday: (09/16) When I weighed at home I'm at 192. That's 20 pounds less than before I left. Lou insisted I see my doctor for a checkup to be sure all is well so that's the main task for the day. Other than an achy left arm likely due to a pinched nerve from sleeping at the Vancouver Hostel, I feel great.

All's well per the doctor who was rather happy that my weight is where it should be. Now to maintain. Not to that end, we had lunch at the Chinese Buffet. My backpack, which I shipped home via UPS arrived this afternoon. I had managed to beat it home. It was nicer not traveling with the heavy pack.

Lou and Dawn were out at a class so I had dinner at our local Corner bakery, a chopped salad. Have to catch up on greens. Not much of that on the trail.

Wednesday: (09/17) Granola for breakfast. I attended the annual San Jose Mid Week Hikers Group pot luck presented by Bob and Sharon at their house in Saratoga this afternoon/evening. A really nice get together with my fellow hikers off trail.

Thursday: (09/18) Lou prepared sausage eggs and home fried spuds for breakfast. A nice morning in the back yard especially after the unexpected rain we had last night. We all headed down to San Jose and Cleaned up the apartment and checked what I needed to return to work there. A little grocery shopping to restock as well. We had lunch at the Super Taqueria as well. Ribs, spinach casserole and tater tots for dinner. I spent some time moving labeling and backing up photos today.


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