Thursday, September 4, 2014

PCT Hike MM 2580 - 2592, South Fork

Thursday: (09/04) Up at 0600. I finished loading my pack then took a wall put on the docks. Clear skies this morning. Breakfast at the Lodge at 0700 when they opened. I caught the 0800 bus to Highbridge. It stopped at the bakery so I bought a cookie for later. On trail at Highbridge at 0900. I did 12 miles to South Fork CG where my permit was for. MM 2592. While the permit is supposed to be to protect from over use,I was the only camper there. The North Cascades NP also requires food be hung. I normally sleep with my pack. I did hang it here and at sometime something gnawed through one of my pack belt pouches. Probable s nasty chipmunk. Could have happened while I was next to it at dinner, in the air, or as I filled the pack in the morning? Stopped early at 1610. It was only 5 miles to be out of the park and not need a permit nor to hang food but again, why rush?
One of the neater bridges.
Deep valleys.

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