Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Work Interrupted

Monday: (09/29) I drove down to San Jose after collecting a few things and setting up the cabinets we brought home last night so Lou can clean them up and we can still get around in the house. Breakfast in the yard, leftover pizza. I settled in at San Jose then did a little work. I sawed the concrete sidewalk in three places for the installation of drain lines for the gutter downspouts. Leftover potatoes for lunch. Enchiladas for dinner.

Tuesday: (09/30) I did a little more concrete sawing along the driveway this morning. The tenant came out to complain and mentioned he's on vacation this week. I said I'd tidy up and be back next week. I have enough to do at home as well. I stopped at Sprout's Market on the way home. I wanted to see if they had the Bee's Knee's peanut butter in jars. I had used it on my hike and it came in packets. They did have it. I also picked up a couple of pork roasts which looked good. I'm a picky met shopper. Home fried potatoes, ham and eggs for breakfast. Egg rolls and shrimp for lunch. For dinner, I put a pork roast with potatoes and sauerkraut in the slow cooker when I got home.

Wednesday: (10/01) A relaxing morning. Lou mad a nice bacon and eggs breakfast with hash browned potatoes. yum! I was off to a hike at Russian Ridge. i usually don't do the hikes our group offers on days other than Friday but since i was home and won't be doing the Friday hike this week, i joined them. We enjoyed a beautifully clear day with the best views of the ocean on one side of the ridge and the bay on the other. It was a short hike of only five miles. I was home by 1230. I enjoyed pasta and grapes for lunch. I eventually went out to the shop and worked on the new TV cabinet. It's a chest of drawers that I'm chopping down to a 24" high cabinet for below our big screen TV. I satisfied myself with how i was going to cut it so it will go back together in it's new form, then got out my trusty multi-tool vibrator saw and cut the op off. Tomorrow, hopefully, it will fit back together. Leftover pork, sauerkraut an potatoes for dinner by a campfire.

Thursday: (10/02) A rather hot day like yesterday. Lou and Dawn were off to an exercise class. I relaxed in the morning then got to work on the TV cabinet reconstruction. I determined I needed a shorter bunch of brads for my nail gun to put it back together so Lou and I were off to Harbor Freight Tools. After lunch i started test fitting the cabinet and determined I cut it 3/4 inch to big so I did some more cutting and got it just right. So much easier to mistakenly cut it to big that too short. It was finally all together as it got dark. All that is left is to remove the legs and so it's just the right height. Granola for my breakfast, smoothies for Lou and Dawn. Lou and Dawn had pizza for lunch while I had leftover pork and sauerkraut with potatoes. Lou and Dawn made more enchiladas for dinner.

 Friday: (10/03) Another relaxing morning for me. Lou and Dawn were up earlier for tea in the yard. We all stopped by A Good Morning for a late breakfast. After that we stopped by the Los Altos Post Office, the new Safeway store in Los Altos, and Los Altos Nursery where Lou bought some winter garden plants. For lunch we had some of Lou's chili beans. I spent some time in the afternoon finishing the TV cabinet. I had to drill some pocket screw holes to attach some of the cabinet back together. I also cut off the legs then moved it into the house. Lou and Dawn had mango goji berry soup while I had leftover enchiladas for dinner.

Saturday: (10/04) We started with our regular weekend shopping run. Lou prepared biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Today was breezeless so it was warm outside. We placed the new TV cabinet in it's place and placed the old one outside with a free sign. it will likely be gone in the morning. It seems lots of folks don't want to be seen taking things like that? Nice salads from the garden for lunch. Lou and Dawn were busy arranging the living room.  I was busy working on the computer. Salmon, Asparagus and french fries for dinner.

Sunday: (10/05) Lou made sausage, eggs and sauerkrauted potatoes for breakfast. It was enjoyed in the yard, as usual. I did a little gardening and repotted a couple of plants. Lou and I were busy much of the rest of the day moving the new side cabinets into our bedroom. To do so required a lot of additional work and a lot of decade cleaning. A couple of trips to the hardware store and a visit to IKEA for new lights completed the job. Lou's chili beans and corn bread for lunch. Dinner from LUU Noodle House.



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