Friday, September 5, 2014

PCT Hike, MM 2592 - 2609, Granite Pass

Up 0530, on trail 0720. This morning I noticed my belt pouch had a huge hole and one granola bar wrapper was empty. darn! Met Shrewder and Freedom at a fallen bridge across Bridge Creek. Should they change the creek's name now. Fortunately there was a nice big log across the creek which I used. I last saw them at Cloudy Pass. I made 17 miles today going through Rainy Pass, Cutthroat Pass, and Granite Pass. Camped in a high meadow with 18 other folks. Popular site. Nice weather, sunny but cool on the verge of cold. We're near the freeze elevation. Camped next to mark and Jane on a section hike from Rainy Pass to Harts Pass. They leave nearby.
Several neighbors here.
A typical improved log bridge.

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