Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Long railRoad Home

Sunday: (09/14) Up early even before I needed to be. I'd hate to miss the train. I bought my ticket and then searched for some place to get breakfast. It's Sunday, nothing open anywhere except for coffee shops like Starbucks. So, a granola bar form breakfast. The train left on time. I enjoyed lunch and dinner in the dining car. Due to a sore shoulder, I didn't sleep well.

Monday: I was up early. Had some tea and watched the lights as we approached Sacramento., then watched the sunrise. The morning views of the bay, as we meandered along the edge, were great. Luckily, the train was on schedule. By 1000 I was walking up The Alameda looking for breakfast. I had called Lou and Dawn who were at an appointment in San Jose. They picked me up and took me to John's restaurant where they met Dawn's friend Andrea. Home by noon. The garden looks good. The front lawn is nice and dead. The back yard green. Lou's walking great. All is well. Pot roast for dinner. I was busy going through mail.

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