Tuesday, September 2, 2014

PCT Hike, MM 2561 - 2580, Stehekin

Tuesday: (09/02) Up at 0630, on trail 0730. While I saw lots of stars last night on one of my night time excursions, it was overcast in the morning. However there was no condensation,the tent was dry inside and out. Nice! Might have been the breeze all night I was camped near the top of the mountain. Nice trail all the way down today, almost. The trail had more brush for the last 5 miles and it started to rain at 1500 making a wet end of hike. After I crossed the Agnes River about 1330, I decided to try and do the full 19 miles to Stehekin by 1815 to catch the last shuttle buss. Stehekin is 11 miles from the trail. I then had 11 miles to go in less than 5 hours. I haven't done a consistent 2 mph yet on this hike. I decided to try not using my trekking poles and was able to do it twice as fast as my normal speed My ankles and no need held up. I was at the shuttle stop by 1715. It turned out to be a good idea because of the rain. I had wanted to stay at the Ranch but it was full so I stayed at the lodge the only room available. Of course it was the best room and cost more. I dropped my stuff off in the room and hurried to the restaurant because it was past 1915 and the restaurant closed at 2000. Miss CFS special for dinner with a gargen salad from the garden up the road. Stehekin only has 65 residents with no cell, one pay phone that doesn't work well no Tv , and no Internet. Quaint. After dinner I cleaned up. MM 2580 here. It's 80 miles to the border then 9 more to Manning Park, BC where I exit the trail.w I was passed by 5 hikers today. Met cool Ranch and his girl about 5 miles before Stehekin. they work at the Lodge but hiked the PCT in 2012.

Wednesday: (09/03) Breakfast at the Lodge when it opened at 0700. A quick shop trip at the store when it opened at 0800 for gas and such. Then laundry time. Next stop was the Post Office on the way back to my room. I dropped things off at the room and caught the 1115 bus to the bakery. lunch was rhubarb pie ala mode with a slice of veggie pizza and a Danish/fruit tart for desert. I then walked back the 2 miles to the lodge stopping to visit the local produce gardener. On the way back, just before the lodge, a mother bear and her two cubs were looking around and blocking my return. A ranger stopped by and started throwing rocks to drive the bears away. I reviewed my supplies and dropped some extra stuff in the hiker box at the store. I visited the visit or Center and got a camping permit for a campground about 12 miles up trail. This is the only place along the PCT where the PCT permit doesn't suffice. By catching the first bus of the day at 0800 to get a ride the 11 miles back to the trail I should be on the trail by 0930. Dinner at the lodge, roast pork with some of their homemade ice cream for desert, bacon and apricot. Yum!

A little ranger herding bears.
A big ranger relieved the little one.
The Stehekin Bakery
The Stehekin garden.

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