Tuesday, September 9, 2014

PCT Hike, MM 2660 - 2669, Manning Park, BC

Tuesday: (09/09) Up at 0630. On trail 0745 after a morning chat with my fellow campers. I was first on trail but was met by Snailtrainer about half way. We hiked together the rest of the way with me trying to keep up with someone who has hiked five times my 500 mile distance. I checked in to the lodge at 1130. After a nice shower I had lunch at the restaurant, their special of the day Ruben sandwich and turkey noodle soup. Not the chicken fried steak breakfast with a vanilla shake I'd been dreaming of but pretty good. Again, no cell signal here but there is wifi. Then time to do my wash arrange transportation to Vancouver, and update my blog. Dinner was a prime rib dip sandwich and a salad. The menu isn't broad and the prices are high but the food is good. Especially better than comes out of my pack. I threw out all my water bottles save one. I dried my tent, sleeping bag, and mat. I also moved everything from the pockets into the bag providing something easier to transport. When I get to Vancouver I ship the whole thing home and get a day pack with just what I need for city travel.

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