Saturday, September 20, 2014

Time To Get Back To Work?

Saturday: (09/20) Very busy doing very little today. A little laundry. A visit to the Art Guild in Menlo Park. I am collecting ideas on how to reform our yard eliminating the lawn and reducing water needs. The gardens at the Guild provided some ideas. Interesting walkways in particular. Lou made cheese blintzes for breakfast, tampura for lunch, and tater tots, roast beef, and a salad from the garden for dinner.

Sunday: (09/21) Started by watching the CBS Sunday Morning show, a favorite.  We're heading out to breakfast at A Good Morning restaurant. Pad Thai noodles and chili rellenos for dinner. A good nap and a little tinkering in the yard completed my day. Lou and Dawn were busy with garage sales, a craft swap, and a visit to the farmers market.

Monday: (09/22)  Lou made chorizo scrambled eggs for breakfast. I was off to San Jose to get back to work. Mostly I settled in. I did make a run to Home Depot for some supplies. A nice roast beef and cheese sandwich for lunch. Ramen noodles, weiners and yogurt for dinner. I spent some time working on my hike photos.

Tuesday: (09/23) For breakfast, chorizo breakfast burritos using some of Lou's leftovers from yesterday. I attended a webinar in the morning then returned to Palo Alto picking up lunch on the way, some dim sum from Dim Sum King in Sunnyvale.  Dawn and I caught a train to San Francisco. She wanted to attend a presentation at the California Historical Society building on Mission Street on Museums and Diversity. We caught Caltrain up to the city and had an early dinner at Peet's Coffee. I had a great Reuben sandwich and Dawn had a great salad with soup.  While Dawn was busy, i walked the streets doing some shopping and watching the construction activity on the Chinatown light rail tunnel near Union Square.

Wednesday: (09/24) Off to San Jose after a nice breakfast of ham and eggs with potatoes, thanks to Lou. Dawn and I took a tour of the new Student Union building at San Jose State then she was busy at the library. I'm not finding this work thing very easy. i didn't accomplish anything today. I was busy trying to find a source for my smp pump basin. i need a deep basin and they are not easy to find, evidently. A roast beef and cheese sandwich for lunch. Pork ribs with corn and tater tots followed by grapes for dinner.

Thursday: The day started with a heavy rain, the first significant rain in a very long time. Another non productive day accomplishing nothing significant. Blintzes for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Marie Calendar's for dinner.

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