Wednesday, September 10, 2014

On The Way To Vancouver

Wednesday: (09/10) Up at 0700. I couldn't resist a nice bath before heading over for breakfast. I had their summer hash, very good. I then checked out about 0910 and started my wait for the 1010 bus. While most people had bought their tickets online, I had been informed by reception that they were having trouble printing the tickets. There were about 15 people waiting for the bus, only two of us didn't have tickets. We all waited and waited. Finally a phone call confirmed the bus would be at least two hours late. I got a sandwich for lunch. The bus arrived at 1210. Our bags were thrown on. We two who needed tickets were told we'd get them two stops up the road in Chilliwack. I haven't ridden a Grayhound bus in a while. Quite nice, even has power outlets and WiFi.
When we got to town, another hiker, Snailtrainer, and I got a room at a hostel near the central transit station. He is from England and limes a beer or two so we stopped in to a British Pub a couple of blocks away where we also had fish and chips for dinner.

Thursday: (09/11) Snail and I walked clear downtown looking for a place for breakfast. We ended up at A&W where we had their Canadian combo. Surprising good for a fast food joint. Real eggs, bacon and sausage with pancakes, not factory reconstituted products. Snail took off to the airport to return to England. I headed out and bought a cheap little backpack to through the few things I really need from my big back pack then took the backpack to UPS to ship home. A tour around town followed. Lunch in Chinatown, some dim sum. Dinner in North Vancouver at Quay Marketplace after a ride there on the sea train. I bought a cheap now hiker looking shirt. Will be leaving tomorrow morning.

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